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I haven’t been this excited about a new gadget in a long time. Friends of mine have created the Amiigo to track everything you do in the gym. The remarkable thing about the Amiigo is that it will recognize what you are doing–you don’t have to tell it. Whether you are swimming, running, using the elliptical, … Continue reading

  • The Once and Future Way to Run - NYTimes.com.  At my son's suggestion, I read this article this morning.  It is very interesting.  I am almost ready to give this barefoot thing a try.  What do you think, is barefoot running the way to go?
  • The Disneyland Half Marathon 2011 | Amara Vadee Poolswasdi.  Check out this excellent post from one of my tweeps about the Disneyland Half Marathon!
  • Less mileage, more efficient running..  I read this piece with great interest.  Running less to get better times is my idea of training.  If any of you have experience with kettlebell training, please let me know what you think!  
  • Devin Thorpe Runner Salt Lake City, UT, USA | RunKeeper.  In September 2010 I began recording my running, walking, swimming and cycling activities on runkeeper.  This week, I passed 100,000 total calories burned.  At 3,500 calories per pound, that suggests I should have lost about 29 pounds.  Of course I didn't.  Why?  Apparently I got hungry and ate about 90,000 extra calories because I only lost a few pounds!
  • Swimming Activity 0.50 mi | RunKeeper. In hopes of one day completing a triathlon, I'm now swimming one day a week.  I rather enjoy it--which surprised me.  I did my first swim last week and finished a half mile in about 40 minutes and was exhausted.  Today, I finished the same distance in about 32 minutes and was feeling great when I finished.  I no longer felt like a fish out of water in the water!
  • Running Activity 12.06 mi | RunKeeper. Today I tackled my longest run since I ran the Salt Lake Marathon in April.  It was less than half a mile longer than the nearly 12 mile run I did in Boston.  I really felt the difference--in a negative way.  Running at sea level in Boston is easier and it was cooler that day in Boston.  I made the mistake of running on a beautiful sunny day in Utah at midday.  It was a great day for a picnic, I'm learning that means it is too warm for a comfortable run!
  • SLC Samurai: Ogden Marathon. Well it is a little late to be posting a report from the Ogden Marathon, but I just came across this great blog post from Jared, the "SLC Samurai," who is into all kinds of adventure sports, but favors quickly climbing mountains and then skiing down them.  His report on the Ogden Marathon for 2011 is fantastic.  With only 88 miles of training he finished in 3:12:40.  Apparently climbing up mountains quickly and skiing down them is good training for a marathon!
  • Running Activity 6.00 mi | RunKeeper.  Boy, running on the treadmill instead of down the hill I ran on Saturday felt very hard tonight.  Saturday's 10K race was so fun, cruising down hill faster than I've ever run before.  I thought six miles would never end tonight.  Funny how the same distance can feel so different so close in time.  I'm starting to think running is easier in the morning--but I hate to get up.  Any thoughts for me?
  • Ultra Old Guy: 2011 Squaw Peak 50 Mile Race Report.  Vince Romney from MonaVie ran the Squaw Peak 50 last Saturday and posted this great report of the grueling run.  It is a must read!  
  • Fight For Air 10K.  In Saturday's 10K, with an official time of 51:32, I took first place in my age division.  This probably has nothing to do with the fact that there were only three other guys in my age division.  I also won't mention that two guys in an older division beat me.  Among men overall, I finished 12th of 31 finishers.  Among all runners, I finished 18th of 105.  I would especially like to thank all those who ran slower than I did.
  • Running Activity 6.00 mi | RunKeeper.   This is my last run before my 10k on Saturday.  I really felt tired throughout the run tonight, but I finished in my target time and feel ready for Saturday.  My goal for Saturday is to finish in under 55 minutes.  What is your best 10k time?
  • #Nationalrunningday is trending on twitter. Of course, I don't know if it "really" is National Running Day or not, but if twitter thinks it is, I guess it must be. I'll celebrate by running six miles tonight. You?
  • Running Activity 4.00 mi | RunKeeper.  Tonight I marked 800 miles logged on RunKeeper, which puts me on track to hit 1000 before I go to China.  I also find myself wondering why it takes so long to go from deciding to run to actually running.  I always dilly-dally, reluctant to actually start.  Thirty seconds into my runs, I'm always glad to be running, but I resist running like going to the dentist.  Why?
  • I am a huge fan of RunKeeper.com despite some of its obvious shortcomings. Running is, for me, more of a team sport, despite the fact that I almost always do it alone. I rely on others so much to lead the way by example and to share their insights and experiences that Runkeeper.com has become a key part of my running routine. I love that I can track my runs (though it doesn't seem to work accurately) if for no other reason than my wife can see if I've died and send the coroner to retrieve my corpse. Please join my RunKeeper street team by clicking here and invite me to your street team!
  • We become better runners, doctors, spouses, and people when we evolve through the challenging events of our lives. We never ask ourselves after a personal record performance, 'How can I improve?' We don't spend time evaluating what went right. It is the feelings of true discontent from a race gone bad that fuels us to figure out how to improve the next time. -Jenny Hadfield Thanks to Mike Krieger!
  • Running Activity 6.89 mi | RunKeeper. Here in Boston for a the graduation of my "auxiliary son" Paul who just completed a Master of Religious Studies (or something like that) at Harvard's Divinity School. He'll be attending Stanford's law school in the fall.  I was glad to be able to get this midnight run in last night.  Do you ever have trouble getting in a run on your vacations?  How about when you travel on business?
  • Running Activity 4.00 mi | RunKeeper. I'm training for a 10k on June 4.  Anyone care to run it with me?
  • Running Activity 9.66 mi | RunKeeper. Enjoyed a great little run on Saturday.  Set out to run 9 and almost did 10 at a faster pace than I'd planned.  (Of course, I'm still SLOW but I'm having fun working toward a faster pace.)
  • Dog Runs (most of) Half Marathon - SOLO Read more at ESPN: http://espn.go.com/espn/page2/index?id=6567417
  • devinthorpe's Activities | RunKeeper. Do you ever have runs like this?  Today I did 3 miles at a slow pace, even for me.  This was a compromise between my commitment to run and my wishing for a day off! That said, I am taking Friday off to be sure I'm ready to log a nine miler on Saturday. By the way, I'm training for the Legacy Midnight Run half marathon on July 15.  Please join me! Register here:  http://www.legacymidnightrun.com/